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Pastor Marks' Wedding Officiant Testimonials


Pastor Mark is that favorite, cool uncle you want to hang out.  I invited him to stay for the reception, and was genuinely disappointed that he wasn't able to.  Let me add that I never met Pastor Mark prior to the day of our wedding.  I planned a Hawaii wedding from California, so I relied solely on word-of-mouth and online reviews for everything.  Pastor Mark was recommended to us by the wedding site vendor.  The reviews on his website were vast and positive, but also detailed which is a sign to me that they are genuine.  I decided to contact him after reading some great reviews and seeing various photos.  I hate to sound shallow, but a wedding officiant is going to be in your photos to cherish so it mattered to me that s/he have a warm, friendly smile.  We contacted a few different officiants and he was very prompt in his response to us, and very thorough in his communication.  It included a questionnaire to ask ourselves what we envisioned for the ceremony, so that he could tailor it to us, as well as helpful information regarding applying for the marriage license and processing the certificate.  We chose to have a "religious" service, as opposed to a civil union, and it was in one word:  beautiful.  I honestly didn't know what to expect, but somehow Pastor Mark made it perfect.  God was there, working through Pastor Mark. From the moment I met him (just before the ceremony, one-on-one) and throughout the ceremony, I was very calm and very happy.  I say this because I was fighting back tears for a couple of hours because I was afraid of what my mom would do when she realized we were not going to a catholic church for the ceremony.  He was a stranger to us all, but managed to create an intimate, meaningful ceremony for us that was filled with sincere warmth, humor, counsel for a successful relationship, all while centered around God and the aloha spirit.  I was smiling the entire ceremony.  Several guests also mentioned how impressed they were with him, both Christian and agnostic.  Brian and I took his words to hear, and have quoted words from the ceremony since then.  I highly recommend Pastor Mark, with four thumbs up.  My only regret is that we didn't ask him to sing or play music!    Lastly, I'd also like to share some little details that I had no idea I would appreciate until after the wedding :  one-on-one meeting just before the ceremony was a nice gesture of introduction, the eye contact throughout the ceremony made it very personal - in a good way; photos of our first kiss was just us and the ocean - Pastor Mark had stepped off to the side once he pronounced us husband and wife;  and lastly the transcript of the ceremony he offered will allow us to remember and honor our vows since we did not have a videographer present.  We hired a stranger to officiant our wedding, but instead a dear friend came to host our special blessing.”  Lisa and Brian from California

“To Whom It May Concern:   This is a letter of recommendation for Rev. Mark Turansky.  My name is Sherry Christiansen, owner of A Treasured Moment Weddings of Hawaii on Oahu.  I’ve planned beach weddings for over a decade, and worked with many officiants, but Rev. Mark is by far the most professional, caring and competent I’ve ever known.    Rev. Mark is always my first pick.  In over a year and a half, I’ve received nothing but raving reviews from our couples regarding what a great job he did in officiating their wedding.  Not only does he have a caring and professional demeanor, his delivery is outstanding (most likely due to his experience speaking in the public eye).  That makes all the difference when it comes to how his service sounds (in real time as well as on video).  Any time I need advice on beach or waterfall locations on Oahu, Rev. Mark is more than happy to jump in and help.  He always has a positive attitude, and is 100% dependable to show up to the event on time-looking very professional ( with the Hawaiian flair couples want to see) for the photography.  He’s one of the few officiant’s I know who contacts the couple in advance to be clear on what type of service is preferred (just another example of his professionalism and attentive attitude).   I highly recommend Rev. Mark for the first choice when minister services are needed for any wedding-large or small, on Oahu.    Please feel free to contact me directly anytime at the number or email address below if you have any questions.”   With Warmest Regards;  Sherry Christiansen, Wedding Coordinator,­­  Treasured Moment Weddings of Hawaii


“We could not have asked for a more cooperative, conscious and thoughtful person to marry us! From our first contact with you, your service was very personalized and professional. We felt a connection with you immediately and especially liked the fact that you really 'got us'. You made a number of helpful suggestions (i.e. how we could best involve my 5 year old son, Blake in our ceremony). You took on board our requests without any issues. During the wedding, you struck a perfect balance of injecting an appropriate amount of humor and anecdotes which really worked. Two things really stood out and impressed us.   When we realized we didn't have the bride and grooms lays a friend ran back to the house to collect them. When he returned with them you seamlessly reintroduced them later in the ceremony without batting an eye. Secondly, when my son Blake spotted a small piece of rope in the sand that was tied in a knot you again made a smooth link between the symbolism of the three strands in the rope to the union of Angela, Blake and myself as a family. Many of our guests later commented on how impressed they were with your service and the way you 'held the space' from the heart. Lastly, we really enjoyed the songs you played on your ukulele -- it really gave the wedding an authentic Hawaiian touch.  Angela and I truly felt the aloha spirit in you Mark and we thank you for sharing your aloha spirit as it helped make our day extraordinary.   Mahalo and much aloha my friend. :)”  Warm regards, Michael, Angela and Blake from Australia

“We highly recommend Pastor Mark! I mean, this is the guy!! We chose to do a religious ceremony and what can we say, it was perfect. His words were so thoughtful, meaningful, godly and so sincere. One thing that surprised me was that his specific advice to us matched up to the words of our vows even before we were able to say them! He truly made our ceremony one to remember. My husband and I, along with our family and friends loved his intimate and personable vibe that he gave off. His tone of voice , humor and smile set the mood just right. If you’re looking for an officiant, look no further! Pastor Mark is accommodating, prompt with your questions and concerns, and gives off all-around good vibes that are sure to emanate throughout the ceremony. You won’t regret choosing Pastor Mark to seal the deal!”  Local couple:  Jennie  and James

“As my fiance and I were planning our small intimate wedding, we were looking for a pastor who would fit our needs and expectations. We wanted someone who made us feel comfortable, someone we could make a connection with and someone who incorporated christian values.We came across pastor Mark Turansky's website, which caught our eye. After reviewing his website and reading his testimonials, we decided that he was the one! My wedding coordinator reached out to him right away and got a response within 48 hours.He provided a questionnaire that we had to answer in regards to what we envisioned for our wedding ceremony and steps to take to obtain a marriage license (which was so helpful as we had no idea what to do). We were nervous to have a stranger marry us, especially being that we found him online, but he agreed to meet us ahead of time so we could get to know each other prior to the ceremony. Right off the back, my fiance and I made a connection with him. He was so personable and friendly and answered all of our questions. On the day of the ceremony, he showed up early, conversated with our family and wedding guests and made my fiance feel at ease as they both stood at the alter waiting for the ceremony to start. The ceremony was beautiful to say the least. Pastor Mark made it perfect. God was working through him. We could feel it. During the ceremony, he incorporated humor, counsel for a successful marriage and the perfect bible verses to make the ceremony intimate, special and meaningful. Everyone was moved by his words. It was so beautiful to see our vision come to life. He also provided us with a marriage certificate that we signed in front of all of our guest. Pastor Mark made us feel like family from the moment we met him. His warm smile, compassion and positive energy put us at ease and made us feel so comfortable. Pastor Mark, thank you for being apart of our special day and providing excellent service. You turned from a stranger to apart of family!”   Richard and Ronnie – Local Couple

Dear Pastor Mark, Wayne and I  were very apprehensive arranging our Wedding with an on line service; particularly when it required all payment up front. "Remember we are senior adults," had never been to Hawaii, and knew nothing of the providers for the services we needed to make our Day special.   The first thing we did after we reached the Island was to find and see, first hand, the beach site where our wedding was to take place.  We were sure from the pictures on line that it was just a back drop not a real place." We believed no place could be that beautiful," however to our amazement it was a real place !  Next we called and asked for the phone number of the officiate who would be performing our service,  We were given your name and phone number Pastor Mark and we called immediately.  After speaking with you for only a few minutes we felt totally at ease.  The next afternoon was our Wedding, and as we met you face to face, and a very short time after began our service we were at peace.  As you stood with us and spoke to us  we felt you knew us intimately as a couple and we felt a automatic bound between us. At that moment Wayne and I both were thinking we wished we had thought to record the service so that we could remember all of the words you spoke that day and what a wonderful surprise we had when you handed us a copy of our service at it's conclusion.   Pastor Mark, God truly has a wonderful servant n you and we wish we could have brought you back to Columbia, South Carolina with us  Thanks again for making our Wedding truly special.”   Wayne and Carolyn from South Carolina

“Thank you so much for everything!!! We are so happy that you were part of our special day. We could not be happier with how our ceremony went and we have had countless comments from friends and family that you were the highlight of the whole wedding!!! Everything went exactly as we had hoped for and we were so happy that you were able to translate what we had asked for into such a beautiful ceremony. You truly exceeded all of our expectations. As a couple organizing a wedding from overseas, you took the stress out of the whole process and ended up being our favorite part of the wedding. We cannot thank you enough and we would highly recommend you to anyone looking to get married in Hawaii.”   Lisa and Tom from Australia

“Thank you so much Pastor Mark! It was such a beautiful ceremony. We came from Canada and we had never met Pastor Mark before. He was a comfort from our very first phone conversations. He quickly put my mind at ease.   He was so accommodating and understanding and genuinely interested in knowing us and what he could do to make our day better. He knows his role in performing our ceremony is huge to our wedding day. He was always easily available to us and gave us tips and advice. He is reliable and trustworthy.    On our wedding day we went on a yacht. It was a small party with only 9 of us. He was a joy to have along for 2 hours. He makes everyone comfortable and feels like an old friend. My sons even exchanged phone numbers with him! He just fit in quietly but was always there at the right time. Perfect balance.   At my request he played the ukulele and sang the wedding song. And then we had a Lei ceremony to join our two families together. Then a Christian ceremony to follow. It was absolutely perfect! We even had whales dancing around us during the ceremony! It couldn’t have been better and Pastor Mark helped to make our day so very special!  Thank you again Pastor Mark. You truly are a special man.”    Arlene and Doug. 

Pastor Mark, Thank again for attending our rehearsal and doing an amazing job officiating the wedding. We had so many of our guests that were extremely pleased and impressed by your beautiful introduction and dialogue during the wedding. You are amazing at what you do. Brian and I could not have had a better experience working with you for our wedding. From the start, you made us feel comfortable, informed and excited about the ceremony details with your professional expertise and good attitude. It was very nice to get information on how to obtain a wedding license, get ideas for creative expression as well as know the overall flow of the ceremony. You were extremely attentive and responsive to our requests for our ceremony, in which we wanted a mix of non-religious expression, as well as some religious components. During the ceremony you incorporated Hawaiian culture which was very special to us and our guests. You gracefully lead our ceremony -- Brian and I knew we were in good hands (which helped with our nerves during the ceremony!) We cannot thank you enough for making such an important and special contribution to our wedding day!! And many thanks for being so prompt with our wedding license!  We wish you the best as you continue to do great work as a substance abuse counselor, pastor and wedding officiant!  Mahalo,  Emma & Brian Haag

“Aloha Pastor Mark!!  Let me start by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my wedding day special!  John and I got married on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Pastor Mark was picked to officiate our wedding from our wedding planners.  We met him for the first time as we arrived to the location. He immediately made us feel comfortable and all my minor stresses went away. I was at ease. He is a professional and a genuine human being.  We have never spoke to this man and I felt like he knew us! What he said during the ceremony hit close to home. He have great married advice and incorporated beautiful Hawaiian culture into the ceremony.   Even my family and friends commented on the ceremony - they felt like he was really involved and cared about what he did for a living. I love the touch of placing sand from the beach where we were married into our license packet.  It's the small things ;)  Thank you again Pastor Mark!!!”    John and Amanda from Ohio

“We are so happy we found Pastor Mark to officiate our wedding! He is very personable and we felt comfortable with him the second we met him. He offered marriage advice but did not require classes as so many other pastors do, which was a huge relief for a busy couple and made us feel trusted and confident. He had faith in the decision we were making, took time to get to know us and our friends and family, and personalized our wedding ceremony which was exactly what we were looking for. He was very organized and easy going which took all the stress out of thinking through the ceremony logistics, and had great ideas for the timeline and sand ceremony that we hadn't even thought about. Our family and friends loved his message and we couldn't have had a better experience, our ceremony exceeded our expectations thanks to Pastor Mark's meaningful and personal ceremony that we will cherish for the rest of our lives! We highly recommend him for any couple looking for a wedding pastor. Thanks Pastor Mark for making our day so special, personable, and stress free!” Love Chris and Meagan

Do not miss out on the chance to have Pastor Turansky be a part of your special day! He is courteous, thorough and professional in handling details prior to the wedding and congenial, relaxed and equally professional the day of the big event. Working with him takes all the stress out of planning a wedding, and his approach is one that comes from a place of pure kindness and sincerity in wanting couples to have a memorable and lovely experience. He was gracious with all of my requests and questions, and at the ceremony, he was prepared, happy and engaging with both my husband and young son, whom he remembered to include in a very thoughtful manner. Neither my husband nor I would change anything about our special day and would strongly encourage others to partake of Pastor Mark Turansky's services. I cannot speak highly enough of him and wish him continued happiness and success in his pastoral duties.  
Peter and Sarah from Connecticut

“Weddings are a public statement of love and commitment and Mark Turansky was a connecting factor for our recent destination wedding (on the island of Oahu) in Hawaii.  He responded quickly to our many emails, provided information and long distance support.  Mark met with us prior to our wedding day and took time to ask questions and to listen.  He personalized our service and treated us with respect.  The day of the service he arrived early, was patient and visited with smiles and laughter.  He not only offered the basic service, but also provided a Hawaiian flare with his music and knowledge of island history.  He honored our faith and our background.  We found Mark to be a man who finds joy in his chosen career path and delight in meeting and working with people.  He helped to make our wedding personal, joyful and a life-long memory.  We would recommend Mark Turansky to both mainland and local couples looking for a complete package in a wedding officiant.”
Anne and Dan from Washington

“Hi Pastor Mark, First of all thank you. Really really. This is not just an email being polite, we were really grateful that we chose you, and that what you did was so perfect.  Given that we had only met online prior to the ceremony, it was amazing that you were able to put us both at ease. The words you spoke were really accurate to our journey, with some great advice that rang true for both of us.   We have had so many comments about how fitting those words were for us, and we felt it too. Our friends and family actually asked how you knew us so well!  Thank you for taking the time to read through our story and research those things about us in your preparation.  You are a true professional, a man of great insight and heart. Thank you so much for the blessing you have given us by joining us in marriage. We will gladly recommend you to anyone. If you ever find yourself in Australia, I would love to take you out for a beer. Thanks so much!”   Dave & Tina from Australia

“We would like to thank Pastor Mark for a memorable wedding ceremony. We met with him 6 months before the wedding to go over the ceremony and meet us as a couple. He took the time to get to know us and counseled us on marriage. We love that he wanted to get to know us and we got to know him as well and we are very blessed that we found him to guide us in our journey. We communicated over the phone and via email throughout the days leading up to our special day. He made sure we had everything planned and he was just a phone call, email, or a visit away if there is anything else we needed. Because of him, we had a beautiful wedding ceremony. We received many compliments from everyone at our wedding. Pastor Mark also played the ukulele and sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” after the ceremony. What an amazing talent he has and he’s using his amazing talent that God gave him. We highly recommend his services if you are looking for an Officiant. We are so blessed and thankful for Pastor Mark for the memorable experience.”   CeCe and Mark – local residents

“We could not find a better Pastor for our sister's wedding. Due to heavy traffic, we all were late and showed up 1.5 hours later.  Pastor Mark patiently waited for us in the rain and comforted the bride when got there. It rained pretty hard and Pastor Mark helped us found another location nearby. He helped us move chairs etc. We finally had the ceremony 2.5 hours later than scheduled.  Never once, did Pastor Mark get upset and showed nothing but compassion toward all of us. Pastor Mark was patient, kind and graceful.  Unlike the events leading up to the wedding, the ceremony was perfect. It was brief but meaningful. It was so amazingly sweet and beautiful. Pastor Mark sang before and after the ceremony. It was perfect. He was perfect.  Pastor Mark, It was truly a miracle that we found you.  I was praying God would send someone wonderful and He did. I wanted to make sure we have a pastor who believes in the values that we believe in. I went through a lot of websites and you were the first person I contacted. Once I received your response, I felt peace. God led us to you.”  Bob and Rose from Denver

“Thank you so much Pastor Mark for your caring, spiritual and professional mannerism, as you gave us the perfect wedding.  You gave us exactly what we wanted, and it was as if you read our minds. We really appreciated the organization of the entire process as you asked the right questions and aided in the marriage licensing process, which made the entire process come together.  We chose to have a spiritual wedding ceremony with the importance on the meaning of the vowels exchange instead of a large wedding, and that was what we felt.  We are grateful for insight on the Hawaiian traditions, blessings and your expertise advice. We could not have felt closer to one another as we exchanged vowels and hung on to each word that was spoken.”  Thanks Again, Chuck and Gracie from Indiana

“Mark did a wonderful job with our wedding, both before and on the day itself. Prior to the wedding he was always available to answer any questions we had in a quick manner. Mark was keen to get to know us from the very beginning which we felt made the process easier and more comfortable and helpful as it was a destination wedding in Hawai’i and we are from Australia so we were a bit unsure on some of the details of the process.  He was also able to provide some very helpful ideas for the wedding day which we both took on board and used as well. On the day itself he was already there and waiting when myself (the groom) and the guests arrived and was eager to help set up extras such as the sand unity ceremony in which i was unsure on where it went. The ceremony itself was smooth and lovely with the extra little words he added in, he was quick with the paperwork side as well.  Overall we would highly recommend mark to anyone else looking for a celebrant for their wedding.  Thanks again.”   Jared and Tara from Australia

“Mark Turansky conducted a wonderful ceremony for us and made an already special day all the more memorable.  He was so easy to work with and when we couldn't quite decide where to have our ceremony, he suggested what turned out to be THE perfect location.  We would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking for a special and unique Hawaiian wedding experience!” - Shawn and Stephanie, local military couple

"I had such an amazing time at my wedding ceremony, and that was due in large part to Pastor Mark! He arrived early and was standing at the altar on time even though I arrived late.  He performed a beautiful ceremony and made sure God was apart of it all.  He also met with us before the big day and was able to plan our ceremony around our needs.  My mom had passed a few years ago and Pastor Mark made sure to include her memory into my special day.  If there was a rating, I would definitely give him a 10/10!"  Sean and Krisha from Hawaii

Our Hawaiian wedding was a dream come true and Pastor Mark was a huge part of that. Since we live Australia, I'd done plenty of online research, trying to find the perfect Officiant. After a phone call and a few emails, we knew Pastor Mark was the perfect addition to our ceremony. He sent us emails prompting us with all the info we needed for our marriage certificate, a survey of questions to ensure the ceremony was perfect and requested a timeline from us so he knew the plans for the day. On the day he was smiling, calm, friendly and delivered a wonderful message (including a few things we'd asked him to put in there). If we ever renew our vows on the beaches in Honolulu, I'll be calling Pastor Mark to be there"  Liz and Dave (from Vancouver and Melbourne)

We were pleasantly surprised by how caring, compassionate, and genuine Pastor Mark was. You never know what you are going to get when purchasing blindly from the Internet but everything from his email and text responses to how he conducted the ceremony was impeccable. He added several personal touches to the ceremony that we didn't expect that made it even that much more special.   We appreciate the time and care he put into making our day perfect. "
Luke and Crystal - stationed at Kaneohe Marine Corp Air Station

"Todd and I enjoyed having you preside over our wedding ceremony.  You instantly put us at ease and the ceremony was so natural even though we had not rehearsed it.  Thank you!  We also had great reviews from our family and friends about the ceremony itself, with mention of your demeanor in particular!  We highly recommend you to any of our friends and family looking for a great wedding pastor"   Warmest Aloha and Mahalo, Kim and Todd from New York

"Pastor Mark did an outstanding job for our wedding ceremony.  He met us ahead of time to get to know us, which was important because my wife and I had slightly different religious beliefs.  He was able to find a common ground with which we were both very satisfied.   He also met us for the rehearsal and did an excellent job of leading twenty-four very distractible people.  He was a perfectionist and repeated the rehearsal until everyone felt confident in their roles and places.  On the actual day he came dressed exactly how we requested and performed a very heartfelt and emotional ceremony.  We highly recommend Pastor Mark if anyone chooses to get married in Hawaii."    Ryan and Amber (Local Hawaii residents)

"Hi Pastor Mark!  First of all, Frank and I are so grateful you accepted our request to officiate our wedding vows and can't thank you enough.  Your recommendation to have this celebration at Waialae Beach Park was the best idea only topped off by the actual location on the beach.  The sunshine, cool breeze, palm trees and ocean in the backdrop were perfect in our eyes.  You knew exactly what we were looking for. Quiet, private and intimate.   We felt the words and passages you selected fit our lives perfectly.  It was sweet, thoughtful, meaningful and timeless.  Not to mention, the perfect timing.   I have to mention that upon meeting you in person, we immediately felt the warmth and rapport you naturally exude.  You made us feel comfortable and relaxed with your kind compassionate way.  Not only that, you're fun!!   Once again, we just can't thank you enough.  Aloha and take care!!      P.S.  I hope you'll agree to officiate at our renew our vows ceremony one day." 
Frank and Loyce (Hawaii residents)

"A few sentences wouldn't do you service to describe how thankful we are to have you perform our wedding services in Ko Olina.  You were terrific in every facet of the process:  preplanning over email, being on time, being prepared for everything for the service, leading the ceremony and just all-around making our ceremony a time where we got to enjoy each moment - your company and kindness and the love and praise to God you brought made it priceless to us.  We would love to keep in touch with you and hope to see you again in the future."  David and Michelle from Ohio 

"Because we wanted just a simple beach wedding, we thought we were only getting an officiant to help us say "I do."  However, Pastor Mark made us laugh, feel comfortable and helped us create a ceremony that had deep meaning for a lifetime of love together.  Thank you helping us to make a memory that we will not forget!"   Tom and Susan from South Carolina

"Pastor Mark, - We've received many compliments on the beautiful wedding sermon you performed for us at Magic Island.  Your words were positive and inspiring to others, as well as to us as a couple.  
Thank you for uniting us in marriage with God's blessings and extending the blessings onward to our friends and family."   Mahalo Nui Loa,    Mark and Sandy (Local Hawaii residents)

Pastor Mark you did a great job performing our wedding. The ceremony was wonderful as you blended tradition with Hawaiian Culture together... Will always remember the great job you done..."   David and Krystle from Canada and Australia

"Pastor Mark provided us with such a great and memorable service for our wedding!!! He helped to make our wedding nothing shy of amazing!"  
Joey and Donna from California

"Pastor Mark made us feel very comfortable during the ceremony. He acted in a very professional manner we would definitely recommend his services to others."   Doug and Alondra (in the army and stationed on Oahu)

We thank you for the honor of having you officiating our wedding day. You were excellent in the spoken word, and words of wisdom imparted to us, it was such a blessing. We felt a sense of true loving care spoken over our lives that we will never forget. We were very pleased with your services even more than expected.   With all of our hearts may God bless you!!”
Mike & Patty from Florida

“Your services were amazing; very friendly and easy to work with.  Exactly what we were looking for." -
Willie and Natalie from California

“Pastor Mark, Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The moment Michael and I walked into your office for our first meeting we both felt instant relief. You made us feel at home.  It was so easy to open with you and allow you to get to know us a bit before our big day.  You were so attentive to our details requested and very inquisitive to learn more about us, who we were as individuals and as a whole. It was easy to get off subject and just talk about our lives and get to know you as well.  Your laid back style won us over.  The ceremony was perfect.  It was wonderful to see all of our requests come to life. Thank you for being so sincere and attentive to our demands. You never once made us feel like we were asking too much or too many questions. Thank you, thank you! You made us feel like family the day we stepped foot into your office! Mahalo!”
   Best,  Kelsey and Michael from Oahu

"Mark made our day extremely special. He mixed our wedding of Christian values with Hawaiian traditions. It made for a perfect Hawaiian wedding on a beautiful Hawaiian beach. I would definitely recommend Pastor Mark for any couple that wants a perfect touch to their big day."
-Blake and Katelyn

“We were married on Magic Island, June 16th with Mark officiating the ceremony. I must say, he was absolutely awesome. Our services were based around marrying into a "blended family". He had a perfect sermon that combined both us and our children. We were all extremely pleased and would recommend him to anyone.”  Bobby and Jolie from Texas

Dear Pastor Mark, Thank you very much for officiating our wedding. You were exactly what we hoped for, very professional and genuine. You made us feel at ease. I would recommend you to anyone who is planning on getting married. Thank you so much, - Shane & Renee – Hawaii residents

Pastor Mark, We had a great experience with you..loved the quality performance of our wedding song. It was very important to us to have a Christian ceremony. Thanks for all your help in making our day special. - Rick and Cheryl from New York

Pastor Mark, you were wonderful! You replied to our initial email inquiry within the day and provided us with great details and steps on making the process run smooth.  You were easy to reach and stayed in touch and put my mind at ease with how the ceremony would run (and even picked a killer spot for it too).  All of our guests thought you knew Dave and I and were shocked when we said we had just met you! Your warm demeanor and great energy was wonderful to be around! A true professional!  The ceremony was wonderful and it didn't feel "cookie cutter" . You made our day so special and meaningful. I wish we could fly you to TX in October for the big wedding.   Thank you again! -  Dave and Caitlin – Hawaii residents

Pastor Mark was an absolutely outstanding addition to our special day!  Everyone was so moved by his words, and it truly felt like they were tailored specifically for us. He went out of his way to get to know us before the wedding,  and incorporated our memories into the ceremony. We had a perfect day, and we're so glad Pastor Mark was a part of it!  Thank you again for a beautiful ceremony!  - Courtney and Eric – Military couple living in Hawaii

One of our best decisions we made while planning our wedding was picking Mark to wed us. Right from the start you could tell Mark is very passionate about what he does! He did such an amazing job, he took the ceremony to a whole new level. Between the blowing of the conch shell, amazing ukulele skills, and his very personalized ceremony, I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect person to marry us. I would highly recommend Mark Turansky to any bride that mentions getting married on Oahu.   Thank you Mark for making a huge impact in our marriage! We look forward to having our vows renewed by you on June 22, 2023  -
Danielle & Brian from Boise, Idaho

"Pastor Mark Turansky is a man of his word as well as "The Word." Our first telephone conversation with him confirmed that God had directed us toward him to officiate our wedding. When we went to Pacific Islands Bible Church, we were even more convinced that the Lord placed us in each other's paths. His calm demeanor belies a man passionate for Christ and this comes through in the way he teaches God's Word. At our wedding, Mark revealed God's standard for marriage while also helping us feel comfortable with stating both our personal and traditional vows. He has become a friend to us as well as a brother in Christ and we look forward to sharing our lives together."   Aloha till next time! :)  Arnold & Kirsten from Seattle

“Hi Pastor Mark! - Sorry I am just finally getting to this, but we wanted to thank you again for officiating our renewal of vows. You were AMAZING! You were so personable, and made us feel like family. Although we planned this from thousands of miles away, and didn't get to meet you face-to-face until we walked down the aisle, you never left a doubt in our mind that you would be there for us, and everything would be perfect! The way you spoke to us so candidly and relaxed put us all at ease, and the way you included our boys warmed our hearts. It felt as though we were all long time friends. Our ceremony was even more beautiful than I dreamed, and we have you to thank! Thank you again for being such a great servant, and shining through all that you do :)” Love, Rena and Jerry – From Arizona

Our experience with Pastor Mark has been wonderful! First off, he is very prompt with replying to any questions you have by email or phone. Pastor Mark is awesome because no only is he reliable for showing up to the rehearsal and event (and our was far all the way in Haleiwa!), he is also very personable to getting to know you and your family. He was a part of our ohana lunch and talked to my dad and everyone and wanted to know our "love story".  The ceremony performed was perfect with the right amount of tradition and personal creative expression, which by the way he is very open to. He was also very  helpful with us getting our marriage license when we were unsure of the process. I would definitely recommend this pastor as a officiant for your wedding!”  Mahalo, :)~Mr. & Mrs. Graham  - local Hawaii residents

“Pastor Mark, Thank you for making our wedding day unforgettable. Being from Texas, we were stressed about planning a wedding ceremony in Hawaii, but you made it simple by recommending the perfect place for us. You kept God in the center of our ceremony, shared laughs with us, and made us feel beyond special. Our ceremony was absolutely perfect and being able to have you perform our ceremony was a blessing. It was the best day of our lives, and we will never forget it. We are glad and thankful we got to share it with you! Can't thank you enough!”
  Marshall & Mindy – From Texas

“Thank you Pastor Mark for making the most important day of mine and Adrian's life so special! Even though I was planning my wedding all the way from California (and on such short notice), you assured me that everything I asked from you was an option.  I could always count on you, you were always just an email or phone call away. Thank you again!”  Sincerely, Adrian & Alondra from California

“Pastor Mark was friendly, efficient and embraced us all. His ceremony was well thought out and we were very pleased with the content and his presentation. Pastor Mark listened to what we wanted and combined this with a traditional Hawaiian and Christian ceremony. He was very prompt and helpful in replying to our email queries before we arrived in Hawaii. We could not fault his services and would recommend his services.  It was so nice to finally meet you and our service was beautiful! Thanks for making our wedding day what we hoped for.”
   Howerd and Mia from Australia

“Mark Turansky did an amazing job helping me with my wedding. He helped me choose my location, a beautiful one if I might add and made my day very special. He made it very personal and spoke of versus from the bible making it a very meaningful. I wouldn't change one thing about my ceremony.” Roberto and Janelle – local military couple

“Talofa Pastor Mark, Thank you so much for your blessing towards us thru our little ceremony on Saturday, we are truly bless to have you as our Pastor during wedding.  I will be referring/recommend  your service as Pastor to my Samoan friends if they decide to come and have their wedding here in Hawaii. Again "Thank You," I am forever grateful towards your service, and also including me in your blessing prayer for my fight for Breast Cancer, which will start my Chemo this week”. - Lina and Allistair – Local residents From Waipahu

"We are blessed to have had such a wonderful pastor officiate a Christian-based ceremony away from home. In our research for a local officiant on O’ahu, there was no one like Pastor Mark. He took the time to guide us through the process of getting married on O’ahu, and worked closely with us on what the ceremony would entail and where it would take place. Pastor Mark is genuine, flexible, and organized. We were particularly touched by the kind words of advice Pastor Mark chose to share. We were also impressed by his marriage ministry, which is not only about wedding ceremonies but also married life from a Christian perspective.  Pastor Mark is definitely one of a kind!”  Fabio and Ashleigh Franco, Houston/TX”

“Pastor Mark, We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding day truly a relaxing and special day. These two “Haoles’”, were truly blessed that the Lord led us to you, talking to you over the phone and then meeting with you adds that caring and personal touch. If we had to sum up with one word our experience…… Sentimental, due to the mixture of Christian and local Hawaiian traditions in our wedding ceremony. Stay in touch and we will as well, you will be in our prayers.” Don & Marci from Georgia

“Dear Pastor Mark, Thank you so much for your help on our big day. Your professional performance made the most unforgettable memories for us.  Thank you so much for replying us fast via email and phone calls all the time, and always being patient with us regarding the location and time changes.  And the music you play and song you sing - It was the highlight of the day!!!  It reminds me of our love and how we treasure each other!  I was so touched by your song and everything you said. Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!  I Will highly recommend you to all of my couples who want to come to Oahu get married !!!  Happily ever after…”   Sharon & Tommy from the University of Hawaii

“We had the most wonderful time in Hawaii and will return one day and no doubt visit Papailoa Beach which is now a very special place for us. We were so happy with how it all went and your contribution to the day was meaningful, genuine and truly a blessing for us. We loved how you did the service, it was just right for us and exactly what we wished for! Thank you again so much for being a true professional. Your kind and caring nature was evident too as you spoke, we knew it was not just rehearsed but there was emotion in your words! We would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony and of course if we hear of anyone here in Australia who is heading to Hawaii for that reason, we will put them straight in touch with you!  Thank you again,” Ashlene and Roy from Australia

“My husband and I had such a wonderful experience working with Mark. Usually the first time you meet someone new, you become a little nervous or uneasy. This was not the case with Mark. From the minute we started chatting, we both felt so comfortable and new he was the guy for us. Very knowledgeable and a wonderful personality. He really took the time to get to know us and understand our vision for our ceremony. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”   Kyle and Andrea from Oahu

“Thank you for exceeding all of my expectations while conducting the ceremony for my daughter and her now husband!  You were so personable even though you had only met them once.  You were so patient even though the bride was a few minutes later than planned.  You were so flexible since we did not decide on the exact location until the last minute.  Your ceremony was the perfect balance of everything.  I loved that you incorporated scripture and made it specifically relevant to my daughter's lifetime commitment.  You remembered to say everything that they asked you to say.  And I appreciated you standing around after the ceremony to talk to people before leaving.  If our other daughter decides to getting married in Hawaii, we will be contacting you again!!  If you ever head to Charleston, please come visit us!!”  Lisa – mother of the bride

“We had the most wonderful time in Hawaii and will return one day and no doubt visit Papailoa Beach which is now a very special place for us. We were so happy with how it all went and your contribution to the day was meaningful, genuine and truly a blessing for us. We loved how you did the service, it was just right for us and exactly what we wished for! Thank you again so much for being a true professional. Your kind and caring nature was evident too as you spoke, we knew it was not just rehearsed but there was emotion in your words! We would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony and of course if we hear of anyone here in Australia who is heading to Hawaii for that reason, we will put them straight in touch with you!”
  Thank you again, Ashlene and Roy from Australia

“Pastor Mark did a wonderful job with our ceremony.  He made it very personal and made us feel at ease.  We would highly recommend him for your ceremony.”
 Jody and Mick from Holland

"Thank you so much for the beautiful service you performed for our wedding. Your sincere, warm, and amazing words of wisdom helped make our day very special.”  Traci and Steve from Florida

“Pastor Mark was a pleasure to come across while searching the web for beach wedding performers with a Christian tone. If you're looking for a beach wedding, you'll find everything you need right here with Pastor Mark. His website also has a one stop shop setup for pictures and cakes and music. His patience is top notch, and his communication via email and phone was nothing less than perfect. Pastor Mark will make your special day and memories that much more special. Ours was at Bellows Beach in Waimanalo.”
  Vendy and Mike - local military couple

"Thank you very much Mark you made our day perfect it was such a beautiful location.”  Matthew and Cindy from Australia 

“Thank you so much for your very nice and meaningful words and advice at our wedding! You made the most important day of my life so very special.. Tara and I feel very lucky to have you officiate our wedding. We appreciate your kindness and willingness to help us navigate the through the Health Department paper work.” Brandon and Tara

"Hello Pastor Mark, I wanted to personally thank you for being a part of our marriage ceremony. You did a great job and the words you spoke were really heartfelt and honest. We really appreciate you being there. Many blessings to you!” Jonelle – bride from Atlanta

‘Allan and I would like to thank you for the wonderful ceremony you preformed for our wedding. The special traditions and Hawaiian culture regarding the lei of love and bringing together there meaning was very special to us and made this ceremony something we will always remember.  As a mature couple we thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better before performing the ceremony.  We would have no hesitation in telling our friends about our wonderful day or any one asking us advise of our experience in getting married in Hawaii no matter what their age.   You truly made this special for us.’  Kind regards,  Allan and Lynette from New Zealand

‘We can't thank you enough for making our day so special!  You were in constant communication with us and helped us find our photographer. The Ukulele song you learned just for us was a beautiful touch.  Thanks for braving the rain with us and making this the Christian ceremony we so wanted. Mahalo!’  Wes and Erika from Ohio

 “Pastor Mark has a  friendly manner that immediately puts you at ease.  He was very helpful before the ceremony and addressed our questions and concerns in a timely manner.  He saved us loads of time and stress by suggesting the perfect location ( we had never been to Hawaii before) for a quiet beach ceremony.   Pastor Mark delivered a beautiful Christian ceremony with a Hawaiian touch just as we requested.  We were blessed to have him officiate our wedding.  Thank You Pastor Mark!!!”  Susan and Frederick from New England

 ‘Mark... Thank you so much for making our wedding absolutely perfect!!  We could not have found a better officiant to perform our ceremony.  The sincerity - feeling - and style you put into our wedding was as if you had known us your entire life.  It was great to plan the details with you as you were straight forward and so willing to make sure it was exactly what we wanted with no pressure. You helped us with your questions and suggestions while still leaving us in control. You were very affordable and put more importance on "US and OUR DAY" than what you would be paid. You are truly a man of God  and not just in the business of marrying folks...and I think that is what came thru so obvious and thus made everything so perfect.  I sooo appreciated your finding us Tony to do the pictures....he did a wonderful job!!  I mean AMAZING !! And the car driver was a good tip as well.  We could not have had things work out so perfectly if it had not been for you!  We feel like we not only got married we also met a very wonderful - caring person.  Thank you & may God bless you and yours!’  Melody & Al from Oregon

“Thank you! We were extremely pleased with your services. I was very impressed with the way you incorporated our religious values with the Hawaiian tradition. Thank you again for making our day special!”  Cedric and Crystal from Louisiana

 “Thank you so very much for helping Ali and I celebrate our special day. We would definitely recommend your services to others! You were prompt, professional, and accommodating to our needs. The ceremony was exactly what we were looking for. Your message was applicable and just the right length. We are very glad we found you. I wish our work schedules were more flexible so that Ali and I could actually attend the services at your church! Many thanks again!”  Allen and Katie from Oahu

 “Thank you so much Mark!!   I feel so very blessed that you were able to conduct our wedding!  You made the service so special!  Very thoughtful of you to send us a commemorative marriage certificate and the transcript of our vows and service, both are very treasured!”   Seimeen and Christian from Switzerland

"Pastor Mark, Sorry I haven't had a chance until now to properly thank you for officiating our wedding ceremony.  I still can't believe how beautiful the ceremony was.  Even though I felt very comfortable with you when we talked initially over the phone, I still didn't know what to expect since most of our communication was via email.  You absolutely blew me away.  You were able to incorporate all the personal touches that were important to John and I and create a truly beautiful and memorable ceremony.  Thank you so much for such a wonder ceremony! You far exceeded my expectations."  Warmest regards,  Alysia and John from Nebraska

“Tom and I found the ceremony to be very upbeat, positive, and you made us feel at easy.  We appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement. We have been through a lot together and became very good friends and then fell in love with each other. You helped us start the beginning of the rest of our lives together and we thank you immensely.” Sincerely, Joyce and Tom

“Hi Pastor Mark,  Just wanted to thank you again for the memorable ceremony and share with you a picture.  You were a big hit with everyone as well.  Hopefully you can tell by the smile on our faces how happy we were with things :)  Many thanks again,” Ben and Chihiro from Hong Kong

“Dear Pastor Mark, This email is LONG overdue…when we got home we hit the ground running and have thought of you so often and we really wanted to express our sincere feelings about our wonderful wedding experience! We had no idea what to expect but you made everything so clear and simple especially by letting us know that there would be no need for multiple different contacts for what we wanted to pull off. You kept our desire to have a very simple but extremely meaningful ceremony which couldn’t have been more perfect for us! Your message, the Bible verses you used, bringing in personal touches into every aspect of the ceremony and including the very special prayer meant just for us. It was as if we had known you for years! We think about that perfect evening on Bellows Beach on May 1, 2014 with an enormous amount of JOY that overflows out of our hearts and we hope to be able to feel that feeling every day no matter what! May God continue to bless you and fill you with His Holy Spirit as you do His work in the lives of so many.  Thank you for all you do,”  Randy and Kimberly

“Hello Pastor Mark: Thank you for helping me arrange the wedding ceremony for Ben and Chihiro’s wedding.  My referral had told me that you had a real heart passion for joyfully and properly performing wedding ceremonies.  From our first email exchange, that was evident, and I knew it was only through Divine intervention that your name was given to me and that you were available!  Over several months of correspondence, you were ALWAYS prompt with your replies and reassuring about your role as Pastor. The delight came when you arrived for the ceremony.  No introduction was necessary; I recognized your radiant smile from your fine website pictures.  You are very engaging and easy to get to know—a genuine blessing!  You performed an amazing Christian ceremony for Ben and Chihiro and the guests.  It was perfect in all ways – the ceremonial message, ring exchange, unity sand ceremony and comments.  My prayer is that God will continue to use you to speak His Words and focus couples on Christian principles that build strong marriages enabling them to weather the storms of life’s circumstances.  (We know they will come—it’s not if they come, but when they come…!!)  Thank you, too, for providing the transcript of the ceremonial message to Ben and Chihiro.  I hope they will refer to it often and the Biblical passages. Pastor Mark, again, I thank you for being ever-present, following through with all the details from afar.  I would recommend you to all as a Wedding Pastor.  If you ever need a referral, please call.  To God be the Glory for all of your work on the island through His grace!  Let’s stay in touch!!  Thankfully,”
  Latne’ from Georgia

“Dear Pastor Mark, As Michelle and I celebrate our one year anniversary tomorrow and reflect on our special day last year, we, of course, think of you.  We have such fond memories of you and want to say thank you again for all that you did to make the beginning of our marriage so special.  Everything from recommending Secret Cove at Ko Olina to conducting the perfect ceremony commencing our marriage was more than we ever hoped for when searching for a pastor from so far away.  Your warmth, caring, friendliness, and hospitality are wonderful proofs of God’s spirit in you and made our marriage ceremony perfect.  So, thank you again for being such an important and wonderful part of the happiest day of our lives.  In thankfulness,”  David and Michelle

“Mark,  It was an honor and a pleasure to have you as our wedding official. I'm not very good with words, but it was wonderful to find someone of like faith to perform our wedding ceremony and to start off our new life as a married couple with a ceremony that was honoring to our God as well as of great help with the counsel you gave us during the vows.  I really appreciate that you took the time to meet with us before the wedding to get to know us and for us to get to know you.  It made it a very personnel wedding.  The whole experience felt nothing like another business transaction, but rather, like old friends meeting and participating in a very special day.  Words can't accurately say how I feel, thank you so very, very much for all you did for Amy and I!!!  We consider you part of our family and hope we can stay in touch through the years.  If we can ever be of any help to you, please let us know.  Again, Thank you so much for everything!!!!”
  Sincerely,  Chris and Amy Adams from Alaska

“Malia and I just wanted to thank you again one more time for doing our wedding. You really did a great job and made it beautiful for us.  Thanks again” - Joe and Malia from Mililani

“Pastor Mark, Thank you so much for your services!  We loved your informal, relaxed style and it was a pleasure to have you perform Brooke and Kurt's ceremony.  I was sure after our first conversation that we had made the right choice.  We also appreciate your flexibility and willingness to adjust your schedule to accommodate us dealing with the weather.  What a blessing to have it all work out the way it did!   We also loved your rendition of the Hawaiian Wedding Song and it was the perfect touch. We will definitely recommend you to anyone else we know who may need your services.  Thanks again so much for everything!"  Kurt, Brooke and family from Texas

“Pastor Mark, I just want to thank you for all the encouragement yesterday the way you made it personable and then brought religious words to the ceremony. It was the perfect balance. Even though we have never met you before the words you had made it feel like you knew who we were! Thank you for doing our ceremony we had many people come in and say you did a great job and the words were perfect!  Thank you for taking the time again.”
  Diana and John

“Aloha Pastor Mar
k!  Absolutely, thank you so much for being a part of our special day and making the ceremony perfect. Everyone absolutely loved it!!  I would recommend Pastor Mark to all! He is so caring, friendly and truly makes your wedding experience amazing. Pastor Mark was able to take all our needs in to consideration and create a beautiful ceremony. By including Christian values and verses as well as a personable and inviting environment all guests will feel a part of the wedding!! Thank you so much pastor mark!”
  Joseph and Desiree

"Thank you again for the wonderful ceremony - it was perfect!!"  Mahalo, Meagan and Ayo

“Hi Pastor Mark,   I'm not sure if our wedding could of been any more perfect! Being over here on the big Island we had asked ourselves that question because of how wonderful it is here on the big Island. But we wouldn't of had you residing over our wedding here on this island. So we greatly appreciate of the personal touches you added and the warmth of your presence we both felt during our wedding service. You were warm, personable and grounded with the type of Christian beliefs we share of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The music you played was beautiful and the words you spoke and the statements about relationships and coming together will be with us always. It was a great pleasure meeting you and we feel blessed to of had you Marry us. Also when we do return to Oahu, we would like to come to your church to hear your sermon and reconnect.  Thanks Pastor Mark.”   Sincerely, Gregory and Ruth Ann Jones

“Mark, Thank you for all the support and being part of our special day.  You did an outstanding job in answering our many questions and assisted us in finalizing our plans.  Once again, Thank You for all the support.”   Sincerely, Ken & Laurie

“Our wedding day was more than we could have asked for. Your service was so special and we felt your sincerity towards us. We loved the special lei exchange and are so happy we had you as our officiant.  Thanks so much for making our day so special.”  Love, Lynda and Jim

“Hi Pastor Mark,  Thank you for all your help! You were so accommodating and responsive during the planning process. The beach ceremony was perfect... It was very personalized, intimate, and everything that we wanted. Plus the singing was awesome!!! We will cherish those moments on Ko Olina beach, thanks to you!”  Carla and Song from California

“Hi Pastor Mark, We had a fantastic experience with your services. I had many concerns about selecting a minister for our wedding prior to meeting with you in person, but you provided us with the perfect ceremony. Our service was very personalized and special and we cannot thank you enough for the great start to our new marriage!  Thanks again for everything!”
   Fred and Barb Underwood from Ohio

“Pastor Mark was both professional and personable when he officiated our wedding ceremony on the beach near Ko Olina last month. His unique blend of traditional Christian doctrine with the historical 'aloha' of Hawaiian culture made the ceremony both enlightening  and enjoyable  yet religious enough to satisfy our needs as long time Christians being married in a tropical paradise. It was an afternoon we will never forget, not only due to the beautiful setting but also to the wise words of advise dispensed by pastor Mark, words which will inspire us in good times and buoy us up in bad. Thank you, Pastor Mark although we were only with you for a short time, you will be in our hearts for  a  long while.”  Mark and Patti from New Jersey

“Mark was a very positive, professional and courteous officiate for our wedding day. With little notice he was able to give us the Traditional Hawaiian/Christian wedding we both wanted. He played the ukulele and sang the Hawaiian Wedding song and had us both in tears with his heartfelt words. He was very receptive to our vision and aided us in obtaining our marriage license as well as filing the license in a very timely matter. We thank him so much for all he did for us in such little time!”   Jeff & Kristen Miles from Florida

“Thank you pastor Mark for a wonderful wedding ceremony. You took our special day and made it even more special with the words that you said. The prayers really fit our ceremony and you really incorporated what we wanted. You made us feel like you've known us for a long time. Thank you again for being a part of our wedding and taking part in helping it to be a perfect day.”
Jaclyn and Josh – local residents

“Hello Pastor Mark, Thank you so much for marrying us yesterday. It was a beautiful location at Ko Olina and a beautiful ceremony. Just what we had hoped for. You made out day special.” - Gail and Richard Holcomb from North Dakota

“Hi Mark! Our experience was very wonderful! The ceremony went so smooth and quick, which is something Joeffer and I wanted. Simple and sweet! :) Also, you were so friendly and made us felt very comfortable when we first met. Thank you so much again for sharing this memorable experience with us!! :) Thank you,” Joeffer and Criselda – local residents

"Thank you Pastor Mark for making our wedding so special.  We loved everything you said and your personal touches made it very intimate and memorable."  Thank you!" Andrew and Kerry from Canada

“It was a pleasure to work with Pastor Mark. He clearly understood what we wanted, was always quick to respond to our phone calls and emails. Pastor Mark made us feel comfortable and at ease at the ceremony, which was a mix of different traditions and he tied it all together with a beautiful message. Thank you Pastor Mark!” - Chad & Reena:  local couple from Hawaii

“Thank you very much Pastor Mark, We thought the ceremony was absolutely wonderful and it was very creative and informative to blend the Hawaiian Culture with scripture.  We really enjoyed it and also liked your candor and presentation!  We could only hope that everyone who comes to Oahu to get married is lucky enough to have you as their Pastor!  Thank you very much!”  Marcus and Gypsy from Oregon

"We would like to express our greatest appreciation to Pastor Mark Turansky!!!!  We recently decided that our special Wedding Day would take place in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  Not knowing what to expect during the planning process we immediately knew Pastor Mark was the person for our special day from the first time we had contact with him.   He promptly returned all of our phone calls and emails answering all of our questions and inquiries.   He was very easy to work with.   He made the ceremony memorable from start to finish.   We highly recommend Pastor Mark for anyone who is considering getting married in Hawaii...."  Kelly and Holden

“Thank you very much Mark!  You made us feel completely relaxed from the moment we arrived. Our day couldn't have been as perfect as it was without your help. We also really liked the Hawaiian blessing.”  Tracey and Evan from Australia

"Pastor Mark was really easy to work with, he was very professional and had such a calm demeanor that helped us relax on our wedding day. He made our ceremony calming since we did not meet or have a rehearsal.  We really appreciated the way he walked us through our ceremony. He was open to customizing our wedding to exactly what we wanted. We couldn’t have been happier with the ceremony! Ohh and not to mention his beautiful vocals and ukulele playing!"  Will and Tara from Australia

“Pastor Mark, Thank you for such sweet experience!  The location you suggested, as well as the ceremony you provided with a focus on keeping God as a partner in our marriage and maintaining an attitude of patience and love, was truly special and won't be forgotten.”  Respectfully, Jeremiah and Breanna – in the armed forces and stationed on Oahu. 

“Our ceremony was so beautiful and extremely meaningful. Planning a Hawaii wedding from Seattle was nerve racking, but you made everything so easy. You were extremely accommodating, punctual, and easy to talk to. It is abundantly clear that you put a lot of thought and prayer into your ceremonies. You listened to everything we said we were looking for and Christ shined through every minute. The ukulele was absolutely amazing and made our day that much more special. We would recommend you in a heartbeat and we cannot thank you enough. Our ceremony surpassed all expectations. Thank you so much!”   Kaylene & Steve from Seattle

"We had a very intimate ceremony and had never met Pastor Mark before, but it didn't feel like he was a stranger at our wedding. He was very warm and personable, and he supplemented our readings with his own interpretations of love and marriage. We had our first dance on the beach to him playing the Hawaiian Wedding Song, and it's an experience we wouldn't trade for anything in the world.  Thanks again! So glad we found you online.”   Hardy and Emily – Local Military, stationed on Oahu

SKYDIVE WEDDING:  “Thank you so much for helping make this a great day for both of us! Know one else would of been able to do what you did for us. We greatly appreciate your kindness in helping us work everything out with Sky Dive Hawaii and asking me back a "ridiculous" question that made this day one we will never forget. It will be even better now that we can show our family and friends, who are very far from this island, how we were able to say "I do" and fall for each other on one more occasion. You made the planning easy and enjoyable for me and made the surprise a real surprise! We are so glad we were able to meet you and have your personal touch for our wedding. Keep making this island a better place and touching the lives of people you help out! Thank you again!”  Sincerely,  Joseph and Katelyn, local military couple

"Our family trusted Pastor Mark with the ceremony process for our nephew and his fiance from Wisconsin. It was a simple beach wedding at our home and he really made it special. He was a delight to meet and get to know.. and he did a wonderful job of being just perfect ! He was quick on his feet when he realized in the middle of the ceremony that I had failed to give him the lei's for that part of the ceremony. He covered very well... you never would have known that I had messed up that detail. He was prompt in all correspondences and the whole family just fell in love with his simple and straightforward style. Highly recommend him to anyone who wants a nice classy ceremony... Mahalo Pastor Mark !!"   Amy Cole, Ewa Beach, Oahu,  Sept 2016

“Pastor Mark, thank you for all your help! It was honestly very memorable and you were very easy to work with. You made thing less things less stressful and you were very reliable.  I will definitely will be glad refer you to people.  Thanks again for everything.  Also want to inform you I got my temporary marriage certificate thank you for doing that so quickly.”  Thanks  Ashley and Garret – local couple from Oahu

“My fiancé at the time did some research online and Pastor Mark was his first choice after reviewing his profile and several others. Our wedding was planned on short notice, just one week before the actual date. And it was such a blessing that we stumbled across Pastor Mark. He not only took us on short notice, but he was very thorough on helping us out in preparing us for everything that needed to be take care of prior to the ceremony. Pastor Mark was very pleasant to work with and quick to respond to any questions that we had. The day of the ceremony he graced us with beautiful scripture and advice for our marriage. His words were on point and he even sang the Hawaiian wedding song for us. Pastor Mark really went out of his way to make our special day, perfect. Thank you, Pastor Mark for making our wedding ceremony more than we could've imagined.”  Joe and Esther – local couple from Oahu

“Aloha Pastor Mark-  Thank you so much for being a BIG part of our special day!  Though it went by quick and some people will only remember the reception, Shane and I will forever remember those vows you had us say that day.  Even with some delays, the ceremony went on exactly how we pictured it.  Thank you for marrying us and blessing our union with a special prayer, even though we come from two different religions.  Also, thank you for completing our marriage license process so quickly!  My cousin will be getting married in July and has asked about you.  She should be contacting you soon.  I'll be sure to refer you, Pastor Mark to any other friends or family.”  Thank you and God bless,  Angel and Shane (local couple from Oahu)

“Hi Pastor Mark, We just want to thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. You did a fantastic job and thank you so much for listening to what we wanted to include in our ceremony and giving us exactly what we wanted.  Thank you so much again.”  Ryan and Monica – Local couple from Oahu

"To anyone looking for a wedding officiant, look no further you will not be disappointed. I am a planner and started planning my vow renewal 6 months prior. I scoured the Internet to find the right fit. There was something genuine about Pastor Mark that caught my interest. Not only was he helpful and professional but he was truly sincere and really wanted to be there with our family. Thank you for all of your efforts in making our day so memorable."   Angela & Shawn from New England

“Aloha Mark, Thank you for being a part of our casual North Shore wedding day. You did a great job, casual and professional balance that suited our marriage perfectly. You incorporated everything we asked for in our vows beautifully, enjoyed the music you played, and appreciated you taking all the great photos with our camera. Would refer you to others getting married on Oahu!! 
Mahalo nui loa,"
  Aliah and Ethan from The Big Island of Hawaii

“Pastor Mark, From the beginning email response you have been so informative and helpful in getting us on track with what we needed to do and helped make the process as seamless as possible. Your help and suggestions were greatly appreciated and you answered our questions in a timely manner! You definitely helped make our day so special by suggesting Papailoa Beach, which was beautiful and semi secluded, as well as present a beautiful ceremony. We couldn't be happier!! Our friends and family also commented that the ceremony you did was beautiful! We truly thank you for all that you have done and for enduring the long walk to get to our ceremony area! We would definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs a pastor to perform their wedding.  Thank you so much.”   El & Karen – both in the military and stationed on Oahu

“I just wanted to say thank you for the experience and awesome service. You made it a very special occasion and we appreciated you! Thank you for your patience with our crazy crew!”  -Kaitlin & Micheal local couple in the military stationed here on Oahu

“Hi Mark, Keiti  and I want to thank you for the wonderful  experience using you for our wedding ceremony. Your personality, professionalism, casual  way was exactly what we had hoped for.  We would highly recommend  you to anyone getting married. Thank you very much. When we visit Hawaii again we will be sure to say " Aloha" , and "Talofa" to you !   MAHALO. !!!!!!!”  Jim and Keiti from Arizona

“Hello Pastor Mark, Thank you for your words of wisdom and wedding sermon to make our ceremony special. You made it easy for us. Your preparation and confidence really put us at ease. Even the last minute addition lei ceremony did not phase you - you were ready.  Thank you for working with us on the wedding ceremony location. It was a perfect location with great weather.  My wife was ecstatic that you used the Matthew 5:3 scripture in your wedding message, it's one of her favorite verses.  God bless you, Pastor Mark! Thank you for expounding on the Word. It was really important to us that you were based in Scripture and in Christ.”   Arnold & Patricia – local couple from Oahu

"Hi Mark,  just wanted to thank you for the wonderful ceremony. It was the quintessential balance of Hawaiiana with simplicity. A thoroughly memorable experience that we will always cherish in our memories of Hawai'i. Live music, private beachfront, and a genuine person with just the right amount of humour to match ours

Even though I only met you for an hour or so I felt like I knew you."  Aloha, Brian and Elizabeth - local couple from Hawaii

"Aloha Mark, Kelly and I really appreciate how you took care of us before, during and after our wedding ceremony.   It was casual, efficient and professional.   Most of all it was genuine and meaningful.   Thank you for being so much more than a “fill in” pastor for hire.    It’s obvious, you love what you do in how thorough and caring you are.   The warmth and sincerity were exactly what Kelly and I were hoping for and you delivered.      We will would definitely recommend you to any friends that choose to get married in OAHU.   In fact, I just passed your name to my cousin, they are getting married in HAWAII this summer and we feel you would be perfect for them too.  Thanks again for providing Kelly and I such a beautiful wedding ceremony." Steve and Kelly from California

"Hi Pastor Mark-  Thank you so much for presiding over our wedding ceremony. It was exactly what we had hoped for, but even more special. The readings you chose flowed seamlessly and were beautiful and meaningful. The added elements such as the lei ceremony and music made the ceremony extra special. I couldn't have imagined a more peaceful, beautiful, meaningful, and special ceremony. We are also so grateful for all your help through the marriage process - which really helped ease the stress of coordinating a wedding from overseas.  Thank you so much for being a part of this important day for us!  Best wishes, Deanna & Chris – from the military

“Pastor Mark, Thank you for sharing the best day of our lives with us you did an excellent job and really went above and beyond with our expectations. I'm so grateful you went the extra step and did our small ceremony at the Pali Lookout. We also received a beautiful memory we got to take home with us which was the marriage certificate and just a print out of our ceremony which went through everything you said on our wedding day including our vows. Thank you for also doing our event for us on such short notice as well I am forever thankful for you! Can we do it again?!   If anyone is looking for a great wedding officiant definitely recommend pastor mark 10/10.”   Mahalo,   Mr&Mrs Huff – Local couple from Oahu

"Mark, Thanks so much for being a part of our special day.  From the initial contact all the way up to the day of the wedding you were a pleasure to speak to and work with.  You were available via phone, text and emails and answered any and all questions.  Your comments before and during the wedding and the added touch of the Hawaii love/marriage song was great.  It was a pleasure to meet you in person and I would recommend you to anyone going to Hawaii to be married.  I hope this finds you well and again, Mahalo!   May you be blessed."  Gerald and Gwendolyn from Texas

“Pastor Mark, Thank you so very much for performing our ceremony. Coming from Nebraska you helped so much with the process of getting everything together and helping select a perfect location. Most of all the ceremony itself was so wonderful and we couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.” Mr. and Mrs. Hall from Nebraska

“We had a wonderful wedding ceremony conducted by Pastor Mark at Waikiki Beach.  It was exactly what we were looking for - a simple yet very moving wedding with the Lord's blessing as the center of it.  Pastor Mark is great!”  Bob and Gail from Georgia

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation in having Pastor Mark be part of such a special time in our lives. We met with Mark several days prior to the wedding, from the moment we sat down there was a sense of ease and calmness which is difficult to describe. He took the time to get to know us both and outline the course of events in the lead up to our special day. The ceremony itself was personalized and very special to us and our family. We will cherish those memories forever. Thanks Pastor Mark – a true Gentleman” - Marty & Angela Nigro, from Sydney Australia

“Thank you Pastor Mark! You did an awesome job with our ceremony! You respected and personalized our ceremony with our very own inputs. You were professional, and added the perfect amount of humor as well. You always replied quickly to emails and arrived on time to the site to speak to both of us bride and groom before the ceremony. We are so appreciative of your service to officiate our wedding the way you did. You are greatly appreciated!” - Zion & Caitlin from Oahu

“Thank you so much. Everything was perfect. It was truly a honor to have you marry us.”
  Kevin and Jo Anna from Oahu

“Hi Pastor Mark.  We want to thank you for sharing our special day and performing the ceremony. We were a little nervous and you made it so relaxing and no worries. Your words of wisdom on marriage and life will remain with us as we journey through our lives together. We could not have made a better selection for the person to help us become husband and wife. Thank you again and may God bless you.” Sincerely, Carl and Cindy Rush from Maryland

“Pastor Mark genuinely loves love. He is kind an supportive and it makes you feel like you have know him for most of your life, even though you have only just met. Our elopement was made magical through his kind words and ukulele playing. He incorporates Hawaiian traditions and sayings that make it a unique and memorable experience. Whether you are planning a big wedding or an elopement like we did, having Pastor Mark as part of your special day will make it feel like everything you've planned has fallen right into place.” Yours truly, Andrea and Mike from New York

“Thank you Pastor Mark! The ceremony yesterday was beautiful, touching and made us feel very connected. We appreciate you adding the Hawaiian spiritual and history aspects as it made it that much more unique and special for our day. Mahalo!”   Dana & Dusty local military couple

“Mahalo, Pastor Mark! I would love to provide positive feedback! Thanks for making our day exactly what we expected! You did an excellent job of making us feel more like friends than strangers! Loved your marriage lesson and blessing!”  Ted & Janna from Ohio

“Thank you so much Mark for helping me make this special day a simple, stress free, and beautiful one! Your quick responses to my emails and countless questions solidified my decision in choosing you to marry us. Today was so perfect and everything turned out better than I had imagined. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change not one single thing about it. Thank you for your patience and your professionalism. I wish you the best in your future endeavors...”   Sincerely,  Blaine and Mariah – local couple from Oahu

“Dear Pastor Mark,   thanks for your great wedding celebration. We really enjoyed very much the kind words and wise suggestions you spoke for us. The singing and playing of the ukulele was amazing. We had the Lei ceremony as well and that was awesome, with great references to the Hawaiians traditions. We are so glad you celebrated our wedding. We are sure you would make any other wedding as special as ours was.  Thank you very much.”  Best regards.   Giulia and Rod from New Zealand 

“Pastor mark was awesome! I didn't get to meet him until the day of my wedding, he was on time, very polite and so very easy to get along with. He answered all my questions prior to the big day and always reassured me. He played a big part to have the wedding go smooth sailing. If anyone is looking for a wedding officiant, believe me when I say choose pastor mark!”  Wendell and Hazel – local couple from Oahu

“Hi Pastor Mark! You were such a great pastor to have presiding over us. Your easy-going attitude and fun demeanor embodied the spirit of our wedding. Thank you for personalizing the ceremony to our preferences, and we hope to meet you again sometime in the near future!”  Aloha,   Connie and Lawrence from Oahu

“Hey Mark, Our experience with you was excellent. More than one guest mentioned how you were instantly personable, and seemed to have known us for years. Many commented on enjoying your insight into the background of the Hawaiian traditions. The process was very relaxed, but professional. You more than delivered as promised. Thank you again.” - Paul and Amber from Canada

“Pastor Mark went above and beyond to make our wedding day so special.  He was very communicative throughout the planning process and took time to understand us as a couple, so we could have the most personalized wedding ceremony.  Pastor Mark made us very comfortable on our wedding day.  Not only was he professional, he was very articulate and very warm.  We highly recommend Pastor Mark to perform your wedding, too. Thank you again!  We are so happy!”-Dominique & Sean from Canada

“Thank you Mark for making our special day so perfect. Your professionalism, kind and gentle nature combined with the special Hawaiian touch that you were able to add to our ceremony was more than we ever imagined. We are forever gracious.” Daniel and Chloe from Australia

“Pastor Mark was amazing!!  I highly recommend him!!  Pastor Mark made me, my husband, our family, and friends fell like home. Very professional, with lots of smiles and laughs.  I felt like he was a part of the family. Many thanks for a wonderful day, you made it very special.  Thank you sooo much for making our day worry free and for your detailed guidance in all the official paperwork.” Sean and Jessica – local people from Oahu

"We loved having Mark as our wedding pastor! Our marriage license agent spoke highly of Mark, so we were excited to meet him and have him marry us. Mark's words were inspirational and beautifully composed. He was very thoughtful as he provided a transcript of what he shared so that we can go back and relive our wedding. If only everyone could be as fortunate to have Mark as their officiant."   Hannah and Jon from South Dakota

“It was a pleasure having you, Pastor Mark Turansky performing our ceremony.  You made a lasting impression on our special day. Our family including our parents also enjoyed having you.  You were professional, enjoyable, easy to work with. You made Lori and I feel comfortable. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!  Mahalo!”    Jason and Lori ( from Manitoba Canada)

“Hello Pastor Mark, We would like to thank you for taking the time to preside over our wedding.   The words you spoke were perfect.   You braved the rain and helped make our day special.   Thank you very much!”    Donna & Eric from Canada

"Mark, thank you so very much for conducting such a perfect ceremony on our wedding day. You were so wonderful during the entire process of planning our wedding in Hawaii all the way from Australia. My husband & I loved how relaxed you were and how beautifully spoke at our wedding. It was everything we wanted from you & more.  I highly recommend Mark. Thank you for everything."  Alicia and Thomas.

"Pastor Mark Turansky went above and beyond our expectations for our wedding ceremony. He was very prompt in responding to my e-mails, always within the same day. Pastor Mark also offers sit down conversations, and even Skype, but because of my work schedule, e-mail was best. Pastor Mark assisted in finding an ideal beach wedding location within the vicinity my husband and I chose (we went with Waialae Beach Park, which was gorgeous) and helped with the outline of the ceremony. We had a simple beach wedding with 30 of our closest family and friends. On the day of the wedding, he met our family and friends at the parking lot of our wedding location and they all walked to the spot for our ceremony. I appreciated this very much because our family and friends were not familiar with the beach and he took the extra time to meet with them. He, along with my family, were very patient as I arrived about 15 minutes late. Fast forward to the ceremony, he sang and played the ukulele per my request, as my father walked me down the aisle. My husband and I also appreciated the words of wisdom and prayers he blessed us with. Our wedding ceremony went beautifully, thanks to Pastor Mark." Ella and Jonathan 

"Aloha Pastor Mark,I just wanted to write and tell you how much Heather and I really enjoyed having you merry us! You fit our personality and morals and values perfectly! Everything was great from the beginning besides the traffic coming from North Shore ha. We loved the flow of everything and your words and wisdom were perfect and just what we needed entering into this special time in our lives. So glad we found you and it was nice to do a phone interview up front so we were all on the same page, and knew a little bit about one another before we met. We wish you and your family the best in the year ahead and thanks again for being a part of our special day." Mahalo,  Matt and Heather

“I just wanted to wholeheartedly thank you for making our day so special!  You delivered a heartfelt and meaningful message, whilst bringing a great energy and personality to our ceremony.  It fit our vision perfectly, and our guests kept raving about how wonderful it was!  Thanks again - I can't express my gratitude enough!  All the best."  Brittan and Ben

"It was 2 days before my wedding, desperately in need of a pastor.  I was referred to Pastor Mark by my photograher Danny.  I've contacted P.M left a voicemail and within 2 mins he returned my call opened to rearrange his schedule to accommodate me.  PM is very reliable and I am pleased that he was able to make my special day happen with such short notice.  Pastor Mark is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by my husband and I."  Mahalo Nui Loa, Mr. and Mrs. Southon

“The service Mark Turansky provided for us were an answer to prayer. Mark did everything he promised in his services. He helped us find an amazing place to be married. Helped us include everything that was important to us in our ceremony and made the whole process a lot easier for us. I would recommend Mark to anyone who wants to bless their special day with kindness and a personal touch. Thank you Mark!”   Aloha Tomas and Maura

"Having Mark as our wedding minister was an honor to us. All our guests kept saying that Mark was awesome and giving compliments about ceremony and Mark's pleasant voice. He sang and played  the Hawaiian wedding song with ukulele and it worked perfectly in our small elopement ceremony. It was very easy to keep in touch with Mark. He answered to our messages right away. He also gave us all exact information what we needed to elope on Oahu. And we really needed some extra tips because we're from Finland. He helped us to plan everything and in ceremony he talked about our history. Felt like he knew us.  He also had skill to make us feel relaxed and he was very co-operative with our photographer. If you hesitate to book Mark as your wedding minister please don't. He is a perfect choice!"  Anna and Elmo from Finland

“I am so happy we found Pastor Mark in Oahu! He was very attentive and made sure we had the best ceremony possible! I really enjoyed his ukulele song and the commemorative marriage certificate that we signed at the end. Thank you Pastor Mark for your service! Our wedding was perfect!”  Aaron and Victoria

"Aloha Mark, Thank you so much for today! You made our wedding day very special you made us feel very relaxed and at ease and made us laugh we enjoyed every single moment of it! We will remember you for the years to come Thank you again!" Luke & Abby from England

“Dear Pastor Mark, Michael and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for conducting the most beautiful ceremony for us yesterday. Your words were so sincere and heartfelt and meant so much to us, we will remember them always! We are so grateful for everything you did to make our wedding day so special and couldn't recommend you highly enough. We wished you could've joined us at our reception! Thank you again for everything, Mark, and for completing our registration so quickly. We feel so blessed to have been married by you.” Warmest wishes, Fiona and Michael from Australia

“Thank you Pastor Mark for performing the perfect low key ceremony we wanted!  Even my mother who is hard to please enjoyed your low key manner and service.”   Tiffany & Jim from California

“Hi Pastor Mark, Thank you again for being a part of our special day. You were wonderful when performing our wedding and we wouldn’t want anyone else! He immediately put us both at ease and created a very special memory that neither of us will ever forget!”  Thank you, Nikki and Hugo from Canada

“Hi Pastor Mark, Daniel & I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing service on our wedding day. From the ceremony not going to plan and the rain, your attention to detail and care towards getting us married was beyond our expectations. We have a memory for life and we want to thank you for everything. We are truly blessed to have had you marry us.”  Kind Regards,  Daniel & Taryn from Australia

“Our experience with Pastor Mark was a breeze. He was booked on such short notice, very flexible when it came to sudden changes on the wedding details. Meeting him before the ceremony was very delightful. The performance on the ceremony was not generic and it was heartfelt and very sincere. Thank you so much for sending us off into the married life with harmony and guidance. Mele Kalikimaka!”  Richard and Samantha from California

“Thank you so much Pastor Mark!!  Everything was just perfect.  Pastor Mark made getting married in Hawaii so easy!  He answered every question promptly and helped me with ideas.  Not being local to Hawaii, I was not familiar with Hawaiian traditions that we wanted to incorporate into our ceremony.  Pastor Mark performed our ceremony, including the Hawaiian traditions, and explained each step as we were going.  We will look back fondly at our pictures and always remember Pastor Mark's words during our ceremony.  Thank you again!!” Brett and Sarah from Illinois

"Our wedding on the North Shore of Hawaii was an experience that we will never forget. To be able to have Mark as our celebrant was the perfect fit as he tailored the occasion to suit our personalities. The words Mark spoke regarding Love, Friendship and the importance of Change and Flexibility in a marriage, resonated with both of us. He incorporated traditions of the Hawaiian Culture and Language into the service, which provided a true sense of location to the day for us. Our wedding day is a day we will never forget and Mark's role within it is one that we will forever be truly grateful for! " Kind regards,  Tom and Theresa Batty from Australia

“Pastor Mark, Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding yesterday. It was perfect and everything went smoothly thanks to your patience and guidance. We loved the message you delivered during our ceremony and are so thankful to have had you there! Thank you so much for processing all of our paperwork so quickly as well! We truly appreciate you and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a pastor or counselor.” All our best, Andy & Erika 

“Pastor Mark made our wedding experience so much fun and so very memorable. His kind words and encouragement were truly appreciated. He was kind and courteous to our family and guests after the ceremony. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone with future plans to be married on Oahu!” Ryan and Raelee from Oahu

“Pastor Mark you really added a special touch to our wedding with your loving advice and knowledge of the Hawaiian culture. We couldn’t be any happier with our ceremony. Everything was perfect!  Thank you!”  Joseph and Brittany from Oahu

"Aloha Pastor Mark, Thank you very much for being a part of our wedding.  We really appreciated you being there and your kind words and the balance between our values and mixing in some local Hawaiian values.  From the moment we first met you we knew that you were perfect for our ceremony and you exceeded our expectations.  Our special day could not have happened without you and we are very thankful that you were a part of it.  Thank you very much,”  Adam and Rachel from Oahu

“Aloha Mark.  We want to thank you to make our wedding more special by having a hawaiian ceremony at the beach.  A one of a kind experiance, and we felt wery confortable how you guided us trough the ceremony.  The singing, Explanation of the meaning and the Lei ceremony, we will keep in unforgettable memory.  We could enjoy ourself on this very special day.”  Mahalo from Switzerland - Elke and Arpad

“Pastor Mark and his wife Kelly are such wonderful people, an adorable couple and a great team! They were warm, accommodating and professional! We had such a beautiful and ideal wedding! Ollan and I were more than pleased at how smooth, enjoyable and stress free our special day was! We will be calling him for our rededication and renewing our vows!” Sarah and Ollan – Local Military residents

“Pastor Mark really made our small, beach elopement feel special. He responded quickly to all our emails, was flexible in meeting us on our favorite beach, and answered all our questions. He walked us through the ceremony and offered us great advice about marriage and love. He had such a warm touch and is full of the aloha spirit. Would recommend him to everyone!”   Thanks! Justine and Edwardo - Local Military residents

"We absolutely LOVED having Mark as our pastor for our wedding and can't imagine anyone better to marry us.  We had selected a package through Sunset Ranch (our wedding venue) and were given Mark as an option so we had no prior research/experience from him. We met him before the wedding in his cozy home office in Haleiwa. He made us feel comfortable right away and really got to know us before we talked about the wedding. We loved exchanging stories with him because it made us feel more connected and less of a stranger on the day of the wedding. We were also happily surprised that he rides a motorcycle (my husband loves bikes) which Mark excitedly showed us after our meeting. He even introduced us to his wife and adorable dog. It is those personal touches that made all the difference for us on top of his ability to make us feel comfortable and connected right away.  We liked that he made the meeting more about relationship building than business and had a wonderful way of intertwining the two.  We would highly recommend Mark to anyone!"  - AJ & Abigail - local residents

“Pastor Mark was so great. We truly felt like a friend was marrying us as he was so sincere when he was speaking to us and performing the ceremony. Thank you so much for making our day feel even more special as our two families became one.”  Erica & Brian from Houston

“Hi Mark, Thanks so much for being the celebrant at our wedding yesterday. It was so lovely to meet you and get to know you a bit. We really appreciated the time you took to get to know us as well, it's those personal touches that make the day all the more special! The words you spoke were beautiful and so meaningful, we loved the truly Hawaiian elements to the ceremony - we love that it made it so unique to anything we would have had had we stayed home and got married, it felt authentic and we could tell you had really put time into thinking about what you said and did and the meaning behind it all. Thank you for helping to make our special day all the more special! All the best to you! Nga mihi nui,”  Kelly and Sean from Great Britain

“It was such a pleasure having pastor mark in wedding. My experience with having him at my wedding was great! Very easy to work with, very reasonable price and he has such a super awesome personality. I highly recommend booking with him! You won’t regret it.”  Christina and Jaime – local couple

“Pastor mark and his wife were more the accommodating to mine and my husbands needs. With my husband in the military we decided on a quick ceremony and mark made it all possible! He was super quick with response time and made this so much more less stressful! We would both recommend him! Thank you again!”  Matthew and Rebecca – local Military couple

“Hi Mark, Thank you for your email and thank you so much for conducting such a beautiful ceremony, it surpassed our expectations and we will treasure it for the rest of our lives. We couldn’t have wished for anything better, we felt at ease throughout despite the inevitable nerves!”  Thanks again,  Keira and Phil from England

"Thank you so much Mark.  Someone might expect this type of ceremony to be very impersonal but it was the exact opposite. Mark immediately made us both feel very welcomed and at ease and as though he'd known us for years. Including the Hawaiian touches made the ceremony very special, and the reason we chose this location to get married. Thank you so much for your kindness and guidance through the ceremony!"   Joe and Hilary from Canada

“Pastor Mark was excellent from our very first contact. He provided us with lots of useful details regarding the process of getting married in Hawaii, as well as ideas for the ceremony. On the day Pastor Mark made us feel very comfortable, he was engaging and spoke brilliantly. Most importantly he really emphasized the importance of our love, with a nice Hawaiian touch to it. Would highly recommend!”  Thanks! Carolyn and Victor from Australia

“Hi Mark, Thank you very much for being a part of our special day on the 18th of October. Having come all the way from New Zealand for our special day you made us feel relaxed and at ease. We enjoyed our ceremony, in particularly learning about the Hawaiian culture and words you shared which we and our guests even discussed over dinner that night.   Thanks once again,”  Donna and Sam from New Zealand

“My fiancee and I came from Louisiana to get married on this beautiful Island. My cousin found Pastor Mark and it was a blessing. We talked back and forth for a couple months before we came to Oahu. Pastor Mark made us feel like he has known us a very long time. Made us feel very comfortable. I would recommend Pastor Mark to do your wedding you won't regret it. Not only is a very nice guy, he is really cool wearing his black leather pants and riding his Harley. Totally awesome! Thank you Pastor Mark for the everything, and kind words, have a blessed day. Your truly blessed.”   Sincerely,  Patty & Vaughn from Louisiana

“Thank you so much , Pastor Mark! We were so happy to have you on our special day! He sang a song for us, it was great! He came exactly on time even earlier and waited for all my friends to show up, even they late! We highly recommend him!”  Tsvetelina and Jared from Oahu

“Good Morning,  I would like to thank you Pastor Mark for making our wedding ceremony so special, with your beautiful blessing and words of wisdom to us starting our journey as husband and wife. We truly felt the love and excitement from you, it was the highlight of our wedding ceremony to have you as our Pastor, and could not recommend you enough for future Brides and grooms.” Take care, Mr & Mrs Wright from the UK

“Thank you Mark! You made our experience even more memorable than we could have ever imagined. You made us feel special with your heartfelt words of wisdom during our ceremony, and even made us laugh and cry at the same time. You were wonderful and we are forever grateful for having you perform our wedding ceremony.  Mayra and I can't thank you enough. Aloha, and we promise to always be open to "Loli" and "Ho'o'pono'pono" throughout our marriage.”  John and Mayra from California

"Thank you so much, pastor Mark. You made our wedding ceremony even more special. Your presence and great spirits made us have wonderful moments of joy and calm. Response time and flexibility about the location was fantastic". Thanks again. Moloud & Flo from Persia

“Pastor Mark did an amazing job on our beach wedding ceremony!  He was personable and brought in the Hawaiian culture and tradition to the ceremony.  It was a perfect day that we will never forget!”  Erin and Charles from Washington

“Hello Pastor Mark! We wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony you did for our wedding! It was perfect :)  We decided two months before our scheduled trip to Oahu that we were going to get married. We didn't want any big production, but something small and special for our wedding day. We were a little leary about finding someone online to perform our marriage. We googled it and Pastor Mark was one of the first ones to show up. I read the reviews and thought I would give this guy a try! From the very first email he was right on top of things and answered all of our questions. I had never been to Oahu and he suggested the perfect beach to get married on near where we were staying. He was on time and was prepared with exactly what we had talked about for our ceremony. He took pictures of our group at the end of the ceremony and made everyone feel comfortable.  Thanks again for everything :)" John & Laura from Minnesota

“We had a non-religious ceremony with Pastor Mark. We wanted something simple and with words we can take in our journey together and we were happy to have exactly what we wanted and even more! To begin with he helped us choose a location, was flexible with the day and time and instructed us on how to get our license. From the opening statement to our sand ceremony everything was perfect! Thank you for making out moment special!”  Wei & Valentina 

“Hi Mark, Thanks so much for yesterday!  The service was perfect and everything we had wanted. We really enjoyed the choice of words and felt that they applied really nicely to our time together so far (I.e. needing to communicate well and transform with each other over time) two things we've managed to do well during our relationship.  You were as casual and relaxed as we had hoped and made us feel at ease through the ceremony, so a big thank you for marrying us!’   All the best    Rowland & Kate from New Zealand


“Mark- Melania and I want to thank you for the wonderful service you performed on the beautiful beach here in Hawaii!  You really made our marriage ceremony special and reflective of our belief that marriage is an institution consecrated by God. We felt like we had known you for a long time and many of our family and friends commented how fantastic you were.  My new brother-in-law Mario told me that you were like a super cool Jimmy Buffet Man of God!  Thank you again for making the focal point of our special day exactly what we had aspired it to be!”    Darin and Melania from California

“Hi Pastor Mark!  Thank you SO much for making our little day so special.  As far as a review goes: It was perfect!!!! We would recommend you to absolutely anyone.   You made things very sweet and simple, which helped tremendously considering we were both a little nervous. :) Thank you thank you thank you Pastor Mark!!!”  Caroline and Stephen - Local residents


"Oh my goodness! How can we say enough about your services! Our day was perfect! Communication prior to our day was great. We were so pleased with the advice from location to the counsel at the ceremony!  The song was just amazing! If anyone ever is looking for an amazing duo Mark and his wife are incredible! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Thank you from our hearts! We feel like we made two more lifelong friends!" Pat and Jeanette from Utah

Hi Pastor Mark, Thank you so much for the great ceremony. It couldn't have gone better. You're a professional and a gentleman. The sound and simple advice you provided us will serve us well for years to come. Thanks again for being awesome!”  Aaron & Valerie from Missouri

“Aloha Pastor Mark, Thank you so much for hosting our wedding ceremony. The location that you suggested was really gorgeous, and we had a beautiful sunset wedding and took so many lovely photos. We were very touched by your words and so excited to become a union. It was the kind of wedding that we were dreaming of all the time. We really appreciate your warm help!  Mahalo!”  Bo and Lan from China

“Thank you so much Mark! You were absolutely wonderful to work with. So professional but also made us feel so comfortable. You took time to get to know us and where we came from. Thank you again for your time!” Hannah and Zachary from Oahu

“My husband and I decided to elope after almost a decade of being together. Hawaii seemed like the perfect choice for us to have a beautiful elopement, just him and I. We researched pastors in Hawaii to marry us, when we came across Mark. He had so many positive reviews from other couples he had married, and we instantly wanted him to be the one to marry us. He had such a great energy about him and was so laid back when we first met him. He played the ukulele during our ceremony, which made it so unique but also so fun. We're from Minnesota, so it made us nervous finding someone so far away to be a great fit for our day, but Mark reassured us that he was the perfect choice when we got to know him. He was on top of it when it came to emailing us about questions we had, and was early the day of our wedding. I highly suggest Mark to marry you, you won't regret the experience with him. Thank you so much for a memorable time we had, in the beautiful state of Hawaii.” The Giovanni's from Minnesota


“Simply put, Mark was the best officiant we could have had. While we had not met him until 10 minutes before our ceremony, he put us both at ease and shared beautiful words about how to combine our lives as husband and wife. We would highly recommend his services!  PS. Love your motorcycle.´ John and Jess       



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