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Wedding Pastor Oahu

In Hawaii we say aloha for hello, goodbye and as way to express a “spirit” of heart and love.  A wedding ceremony is a beginning of a new life together whose intention is to thrive and flourish with a “spirit” of heart and love.  The expression of your hearts and love for each other is as unique as you are as people, and I would be honored to help you create a ceremony that would reflect that.  I have been involved in the ministry for over 30 years, and have excellent skills in organization and helping people create meaningful life events.   I have a casual, down to earth way and stay cool under pressure.  Most importantly, I want to see couples succeed at marriage and truly enjoy their lives together.  Anything I can do to be part of this is a blessing to me. 
I hope to be a blessing to you.

Pastor Mark
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Pastor Mark was recently featured on the wedding sites: Thumbtack and Offbeat Bride as part of an article entitled "The 12 Biggest Ceremony Planning Mistakes and expert advice on making your ceremony RAD."  Click HERE for a link to the article.   Here is the article in its entirety:  

The biggest mistake couples make for their wedding ceremony is hiring an officiant as an "afterthought" thinking that all wedding performers are the same. A good wedding officiant will connect with you as a couple, make you and your guests feel welcome and create a service that is both fun and memorable. Be willing to pay a little more to get a seasoned professional. It will take your special day from being mediocre to being one to remember for a lifetime.   

Here are the top 10 questions you should ask your wedding officiant:

1. What makes you different from other wedding officiants?
2. Will you just be reading from your notes or will you connect to us as a couple?
3. How will you make us feel that you are talking TO US and not just performing a ceremony?
4. How do you handle possible mishaps if they should arise?
5. Do you have the relational skills to make everyone in the wedding party feel appreciated and special?
6. Can we meet with you beforehand for a pre-wedding consult to make sure we feel comfortable with what will be happening?
7. How can I make sure my vision for the ceremony will actually happen?
8. I would like to work closely with you, are you accessible or hard to get a hold of?
9. Can you work with our preferences when it comes to our choices on religious expression, vows and other components of the ceremony?
10. This is the biggest day of my life so far, how can I make sure you are reliable?


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